Saturday, August 19, 2017

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             RULES FOR LZ HF FIELD DAY "PLOVDIV" - 2017

    1. Organizer: Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs and LZ1KFM/LZ5R
    2. Date: AUGUST 19-th  2017
    3. All licensed radio amateurs have the right to participate in the contest. Foreign participants will be charged:

30 EUR for single room ( one person )
40 EUR for double room ( two persons )

Extended stay is available on the same prices.
This price includes hotel accommodation one night, 1 breakfast, parking , internet ect. Official dinner is on 19 AUGUST 2017. The Official dinner cost 10 EUR. If you want to take advantages of transport you need to send email to the following e-mail address:
The competitors who needs a generator must pay additional fee of 10 EUR and request 10 days earlier
    4. Participation Application forms must be sent before Aug 4-th, 2017 on the following e-mail address:
lz1yq@mail.bg .

    5. Banners, posters and other promotional materials can be located in the contest area by sponsors only after prior written approval by the organizers of the event.

    6. The duration of the contest is 4 hours - from 10:00 to 13:59 local time.
Each competitor participates with his own transceiver with an output power up to 100 watts and power supply (battery or generator). Competitors with transceivers with output power above 100 watts must be limited to 100 watts output power. Antennas are provided with a certain length of transmitter and coaxial cable. It is forbidden to change the configuration and addition of radials or other cables.

    7. All competitors must use reducers of RF power and antennas supplied by the company ACOM Ltd., which will be distributed among the competitors before the beginning of the contest.

    8. Registration of competitors shall be made during registration in hotel AUGUST, 18 2017. All competitors should sign a declaration stating that they participate in the contest at their own risk and pay 5 EUR or 10 Levas initial fee.

    9. On AUGUST, 19 2017, at 08:00 - 09:00 all competitors, referees and organizers shall gather for a technical conference. Chief referee will give brief instructions and will announce the decision of the referees regarding the time intervals in which a new QSO can be made with the same radio station (20, 25 or 30 minutes). This time is determined by the organizers and depends on the number of competitors. Organizers announce the awards that will be awarded.

    10. The drawing of lots for obtaining a competitorís number and envelope with necessary materials will take place immediately after the technical conference. Competitorís  number identifies the participant in the contest and his location. The envelope contains the call sign which is assigned to each competitor
    11. Referees shall monitor during the contest the observation of the contest rules by the competitors and have the right to terminate the participation of a competitor in case of non-compliance with the contest rules or if his equipment creates interference.

    12. The location of the competitors on their positions starts at 09.00 local time. Each competitor should get to his location on his own (on foot or by car) according to the downloaded lots and to deploy his equipment. The locations are pre-marked with numbered poles and marked on the map of the area
    13. Competitors are allowed to open the sealed envelope with the call sign not earlier than 10.45 local time. The use of internet, skimmers and clusters is forbidden
    14. Mode and Band: CW, from 3510 to 3600 KHz.

    15. Report: the serial number of the QSO and the first three figures of received report during previous QSO, report for the  first QSO  is 001 000.

    16. New QSO with the same station may be made after the announced by the referees period (20, 25 or 30 minutes).

    17. It is assumed that the difference in the times recorded in both logs should be less then three minutes.

    18. There is only one category - single operator. During the contest the presence of other people close to the operator is prohibited.

    19. Points: two points for each QSO
    20. Logs in electronic format Cabrillo must be delivered to referees not later than 16:30 local time
    21. Final closing ceremony and awarding of winners in the contest will take place at 20:30 local time.